Operation Save Sarah Banner Contest

Are you good at making banners and online logos and images, and want to help us out? Starting today, we will be hosting an “Operation: Save Sarah Connor Banner Contest.” Here are the details for the contest

  • small Banners must be 500×120 pixels (Signature banners, and such for small webcontent)
  • Big Banners must be 780×300 Pixels (for top website and wordpress banners)
  • May contain a group photo of Characters, or multipule banners of Seperate Characters
  • “Operation: Save Sarah” must be visible on the banner
  • Other quotes or saying may be added, use your imagination!
  • Please save image as PNG, JPG, or JPEG format only.
  • Email submissions to OperationSaveSarahConnor@Yahoo.com, or OperationSaveSarah@Savethescc.com
  • Contest will end one week from today (June 16th, by 11:59 PM EST)
  • Send as many submissions as you like, and later in the week we will pick a winner

We appreciate all your help!

Let’s save Sarah!


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