It is imperative that DVD sales and interest in this show be at a maximum So to aid in this Save the Scc has created the Freaking Big Push to help promote the sales of TSCC’s Season 2 Dvds. Today’s mission is as follows posting ad’s on Craigslist! It’s simple and FREE so no excuses!

It’s Day 2 of The Freaking Big Push! A quick look at the calendar says that it’s our first Craigslist Day! So get ready to hit the internet, SCC fans. We have ads to plaster and people who need to hear about what we’re doing.

From The Freaking Big Push Page:

We all know what Craigslist is People in cities all around the world use it every day to post and view classifieds, personal ads and more. Make today The Sarah Connor Chronicles Day at Craigslist and spread the word. Post personal ads for your favourite characters, offer your cyborg termination services, put artifacts from the future on sale…whatever you can think of! Just be sure to make it clear that each post is an ad for T:SCC and won’t be mistaken for a legitimate offer.

Examples of ads


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