FBP GIVEAWAY Open to Canadians!

After much debate and discussion, the savethescc staff have decided to make a change:

The Freaking Big Giveaway is now open to Canadian as well as US residents.


Well, here’s our reasoning. Most of the prizes are region-specific. That means they’re pretty much useless for anyone outside of North America. In the case of the grand prize, we can’t afford to ship it outside of the continent.

Unfortunately, that right there excludes most of the world.

A major goal of The Freaking Big Push is to promote DVD and Blu-Ray sales, specifically domestic sales. Region 1 sales. So we limited entries to US-only.

We got together again and started rethinking that. The Season 2 release date is the same for Canada as it is for the US. It’s the same DVD/Blu-Ray. Is it really worth limiting the giveaway to just one country? We decided it wasn’t. As a result…we’re opening the Giveaway to the US and Canada. Mexico has unfortunately been excluded due to concerns with mailing.

What does this mean for all the fans who still don’t qualify?

With different release dates all over the world, we can’t afford to fund giveaways for every release. However, we are doing our best to put together a giveaway for the November 16th UK Season 2 release, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime…please keep in mind that the giveaway is funded entirely by the savethescc staff as a way to give back to the fans.


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