Weekend viewing parties

How have you done with the previous day missions? Voted in the Scream Awards? What about that Craigslist ad? Well now here’s your reward! Save The SCC is having weekend viewing parties over in their chat room. SO join them starting tonight, and every Saturday and Sunday at 10est.

It’s the first weekend of The Freaking Big Push, which means viewing parties!

We’re doing one every night, Saturday and Sunday, over at thewb.com at 10PM Eastern Standard Time. Go here to see what time that is for you.

So if you can make it – and we apologize to fans for whom the timing isn’t the greatest and encourage you to schedule your own – come join us in our chatroom. Hang out, rewatch the episode, talk about what you’re doing and maybe go out for a little late night internet plastering afterward.

This weekend’s schedule:

Saturday, September 5th – Pilot
Sunday, September 6th – Gnothi Seauton

And in case you haven’t yet…don’t forget to post your craigslist ads to our forum! And share your pictures of what you’re doing in our Flickr group!


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