Postcards today!

Yesterday was Letter Day, today is Postcard day, If you wrote your letters yesterday and didn’t send them yet then get them out today with your postcards so we can flood the WB mailroom with support for TSCC. We want a big impact with this and all the Freaking Big Push missions so it’s important that we work together!

From Save the SCC

Even simpler than yesterday. Just print out one of our pre-made postcards – or make your own if you’re so inclined – write a message supporting the show on the back, stick a stamp on and drop it in the mailbox. Or, if you want to make it even easier, use an online mailing service like Click2Mail or Premium Postcard, where all you have to do it upload the postcard image you want, provide addresses, and they’ll handle the printing and mailing for you. It’s fairly cheap and an easy way to participate.

WB Contact Info | Postcards | Click2Mail

They’re shiny, they’re succinct, they’re ready to be sent. So get sending!

And if you’re really in the postcard mood, why not send a few touristy postcards from wherever you are to show the WB how widespread the fanbase is?


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