Special Edition Podcast

Our co-host Cinebo recently got the Sticker Queen Roxy Bisquaint on for a short interview about her time at DragonCon where she met Thomas Dekker and got an awesome video for the Save the SCC site.

From The Sarah Connor Commentaries site:

Roxy B, Thomas D, and Dragon-Con Goodness!!

This is a standard podcast (i.e not a commentary) that I did with the wonderful and talented Roxy Bisquaint. She recently visited Dragon-con and brought back some fun stories, which she was kind enough to let me pick her brain about!

If you don’t yet know who she is, you can follow her on twitter http://twitter.com/roxybisquaint and do check out Terminator: The Sarah Connor Comicals of which she is the brilliant creator!

Also be sure to check out this Video From John Connor himself, Mr. Thomas Dekker, with a special message to all of us! Thank you Thomas! (obtained by Roxy B.)

Right-click then “save as” RoxyB, Dragon-con, and Thomas Dekker

or stream it here:


1 Response to “Special Edition Podcast”

  1. September 14, 2009 at 3:31 pm

    Thanks for posting! You guys are the BEST! Roxy Roxs! Dekker is, well, Dekkeriffic!

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