Taking the streets begins!

Check out this weeks campaign at the newly redesigned (and gorgeous)  Save the SCC site

If you haven’t, also check out the new sticker designs and order them before they disappear.

From the Save the SCC site:

Today starts off the “Taking the Streets” campaign!

It’s simple and it’s cheap. Plaster the streets of your city (town, village…hamlet…) with The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Spread the word to passersby and reach out to fans who might not know about the cancellation and our efforts to save it. There are more of them than you’d think!

So what does it involve?

Tearaway ads. You see them stuck to mailboxes, phone booths, streetlamps, their handy little pre-cut tabs with contact info waving in the wind. Now you’ll see them for Sarah Connor. Print off one of our pre-made ads – or make your own – and stick ‘em up!

Tearaway 1 | Tearaway 2

Mini-flyers and bookmarks. Same idea, slightly less adhesive. Print off a ton and leave them at check out counters – it helps to ask first – stick them in books, magazines, between DVDs, in front of pancake mix…

Flyer 1 | Flyer 2 | Bookmarks

Stickers! You all know about these. Self-adhesive and just as easy as the rest of the streets campaign. Peel ‘em and stick ‘em. Everywhere. Spread the word!

Order theme here.

AND: This is important. TAKE PICTURES. Show us where you’re stickering, plastering flyers, sticking bookmarks. It’s great motivation for fans who might be a little hesitant or shy about joining in and it’s always fun to see what everyone’s doing. Get your practice in, SCC fans. We’re going to be doing this for a while and we’ve got plans to make it even better in October…

In the meantime? Take those streets, SCC fans. Save Sarah Connor.


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