The Billboard, DVD, and new podcast to come

So we’re back! and better than ever! Sorry about the long wait, but we are finally back! We will be releasing a podcast here within the next few days, so hope you guys are still listening. Well, here’s a little news from save the scc, in case you didn’t know……

The routing for the billboard has been finalized and sent to Atomic for the three day run next week. Don’t worry…we’ll have staff out on the street getting footage of it! And if you’re in the L.A. area, why not head out and see if you can catch it on the streets?

Route 1

This route will be driven on Mon 9/21 and Wed 9/23.
Target hours: 9am-5pm.

Studio’s driven by on this route are Universal, WARNER BROTHERS (and WB offices), NBC and Disney/ABC.

Route 2

This route will be driven on Tues 9/22.
Target hours: 11am-7pm

This takes the billboard through areas that TPTB will likely spend free time in the afternoon/evening, as well as heavily trafficked shopping, tourist areas. Also along this route are CBS, E!, Variety and CNN.

Also, the DVD will be coming out on Tuesday, September 22nd, so make sure (if you haven’t already pre-ordered your dvd) to hit the streets and buy buy buy! DVD sales are gonna be a huge part in catching the eye of the WB, so make sure to go out and support our favorite show!


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