The freakin’ big push, is FREAKIN’ BIG news!

Every is taking notice in all the hard work that we’ve been doing. Check this link out over at Scifiwire.

Fans of Fox’s canceled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles haven’t given up trying to get some kind of continuation going for their show. It looks like they’ve temporarily abandoned the idea of finding a network to give the series a third season and instead are now pushing for a DVD movie.

In one of the more innovative fan campaigns seen in recent years, they’ve got themselves a mobile “Bring Back The Sarah Connor Chronicles” billboard that they’re driving around Los Angeles to get some attention (which clearly worked, at least in our case). Presumably they make sure it frequently circles the Warner Brothers Studio lot, since WB produced the show.

The truck is part of the well-orchestrated and nicely named “Freaking Big Push” the fans are staging in September and October, which coincides with the release of TSCC season two on DVD on Tuesday. If they can actually help, ahem, drive sales of the show on DVD, our guess is the studio might actually give them their DVD movie.

Here’s a video from Save the SCC of the billboard

Also check out some pictures of the billboard at SavetheScc’s Flickr

The Ever Awesome @HadleyK on Twitter mentioned the billboard in a post on his site right here

And the site Scifiblock also mentioned the billboard in an article here


1 Response to “The freakin’ big push, is FREAKIN’ BIG news!”

  1. 1 Guest1
    September 22, 2009 at 2:18 am

    Bring back The Sarah Connor Chronicles! TSCC fans are awesome!

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