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6 Responses to “IT’S MILLER TIME!”

  1. 2 Will
    September 27, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    Great interview!! Ok, next time, I’ll be Brian Austin Green ok? Ok, great!

  2. 3 Chris "Coach K" Kincey
    September 28, 2009 at 5:34 am

    AEM is awesome that he is a fan and also is an “insider” who also creates the art that we enjoy. Love that he stays actively connected with TSCC fans: wish more of the cast and crew did.

    AEM states T is basically a love story. I dig the “depth” of the interppersonal relationships, and certainly have been a Sarah Conner fanboy since 1984 (she’s #2 on my all time cool action hero list only behind Bruce Lee) but Terminator also delves into “deep” social and humanitarian commentary issues that I feel get lost in the efforts to focus sooooo much on what is going on inside their heads.

    I think this – while it made for great writing (storytelling) made “old school” T fans wondering WTF? as T was *also* a sci fi action drama as well as a love story. So turning it into a slow, dark, introverted soap opera format where the plot doesn’t move forward for a year and a half and we don’t know what the characters are doing – or why – really wasn’t “Terminator” enough: as this franchise generated a billion bucks in sales by being straight forward.

    I do think that TSCC got the “winning formula” right with the last six eps, having a good balance of drama, action, and “character development.” We saw how the characters handled things and evolved AS they were actually doing things; not just being sidetracked, distracted, and involved with activities that didn’t seem to pertain to the main story line of what we know (and love) as Terminator.

    As much as I enjoyed TSCC, I still wonder why the week in week out eps didn’t really manage the continual, oppressive threat of Skynet with JDay killing 3 billion people at one time all over the world, and Sarah and John being the only people who can stop it. They certainly didn’t operate as a priority at times, which made me wonder if the writers lost contact with that premise.

    But there were so many things that were awesome about TSCC: Cameron being the most interesting sci fi TV character since Mr. Spock; Derek, CW…but these were often used as a backdrop to the indiviual stories being told each week, vs. being fully engaged in the overall major plot that James Cameron created.

    Basically, even if T is a essentially a love story, what about if 3 billion souls get fried (mainly you & I in urban areas around the world!) then does love matter? I’d have preferred that they put their attention on seeing that they prevented that from happening – or doing what they can to save as many as they can if they can’t – rather than the emo in-fighting that made them sloppy and careless tactically.

    Because often the fact that Terminator is ALSO a war story was sometimes hard to find…

  3. 4 pancho
    September 28, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    awesome, just awesome… thanks

  4. 5 Phil Lyndon
    September 29, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    Great interview guys and AEM is just awesome for being so into the show and giving time to the fans like this.

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