An Introduction

Operation: Save Sarah is a new project running side by side with We are fans, organizing projects and missions for others fan to be directly involved with. We want to hear ideas from anyone and everyone who wants to help save our beloved “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. We want the fans to have their faces seen, and their voices heard, so we are coming together to try to do exactly that.

We want The WB, FOX, Scifi and any other groups that are dealing with TSCC not to just see us as “another TSCC fan”. We want them to see our faces, and know our names. We want them to know who we are, on a personal level. We want to make more of an impact and get them to understand why we love this show so much and why we spend so much time trying to save it.

We will be organizing fan-oriented videos such as the “I am Sarah Connor”, and “No Fate”, videos that made such an impact before. When we release the idea for a new video, we want YOU to record yourself, and we will make sure that no submissions sent to us are overlooked or left out.

We will be recording podcasts, which will cover not only information and updates about the show, but we want you to send in questions directly to us that you would like answered, or answered to the best of our ability, and we promise that every question sent to us via email will not be overlooked and will be included at some point in our Q & A portion of our podcasts.

Additionally, every couple of “Podcast Episodes”, we will choose an episode of TSCC (which we would like you to vote for) and do a fan-oriented discussion.

We want to have fans come in and talk with us as a guest fan on our podcasts, to talk about what they feel we need to do for more projects, or just to get a chance to be more involved. We will be picking fans by the amount of interaction that you give back to us, in the form of emails, or contests.

Within the next few weeks, we will be continuing to build a full website (so that we will not only be connected to, but to have our own website as well, with forums, and more information). We want you to tell us exactly what you want to see on our site.

We will be hosting banner, logo, and image contests for your ideas to be hosted directly on our site, and through You can find these updates at our twitter (OPSaveSarah) And in our wordpress. Tell us how you want our website to look!

We will be updating new polls for your ideas. What do you think we should do for the next viewing party? When and Where do you think we should all meet at to get the word out about renewing TSCC?

We want to hear from you! Operation Save Sarah is made By Fans, For Fans. Let us know exactly what you want to see on our website, in our podcasts, and what information you want have put out.

We will also be helping out and our dear Webmaster/Chat Leader Moderator Aelysian by letting you know of new polls, or viewing parties, or any other online oriented projects that you can help with!

Come on troops, we want you to help us Save Sarah!

-T_1001, Cinebo and Persia


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