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New Podcast Available NOW!

Yes, Yes, YES! We’re back people, and our newest podcast is now available!  Check it out! (It will also be available on iTunes ASAP. Make sure you subscribe to us on iTunes as well, to get all the podcasts as soon as they are up!) Enjoy!
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Season 2 now available on DVD and Blu-Ray, New Podcast, and little bit of news

Alright people, today is the day! Season 2 of TSCC is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray, so make sure that you go out and show the WB that you love TSCC, and that we want more!! Also, if you head HERE you can send in your UPC from your season 2 dvd, or blu-ray to and be entered for a freaking big giveaway, including a blu-ray player, and some really cool prizes, so don’t miss out on that! Also, here’s a poll, so let us know if you’ve bought season 2 yet, and if you bought it on dvd, or blu-ray!

Also, we should have a new podcast out either today, or early tomorrow so hope you guys are excited about that! A lot of news, and a lot of cool stuff. Also, we’re currently working on editing the entries to our “TSCC Questions” Video campaign we had a while back, so keep checking back here, or at our twitter for updates!  No Fate Baby!!!

– Operation Save Sarah Admin


Special Edition Podcast

Our co-host Cinebo recently got the Sticker Queen Roxy Bisquaint on for a short interview about her time at DragonCon where she met Thomas Dekker and got an awesome video for the Save the SCC site.

From The Sarah Connor Commentaries site:

Roxy B, Thomas D, and Dragon-Con Goodness!!

This is a standard podcast (i.e not a commentary) that I did with the wonderful and talented Roxy Bisquaint. She recently visited Dragon-con and brought back some fun stories, which she was kind enough to let me pick her brain about!

If you don’t yet know who she is, you can follow her on twitter and do check out Terminator: The Sarah Connor Comicals of which she is the brilliant creator!

Also be sure to check out this Video From John Connor himself, Mr. Thomas Dekker, with a special message to all of us! Thank you Thomas! (obtained by Roxy B.)

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or stream it here: