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Billboard Wrap up, and news from Save the scc

The billboard run wrapped up yesterday evening in Los Angeles and we’ve got the pre-movie ads’ two week run starting tomorrow. (And “Is Sarah Connor There?” today!)

So, a quick summary. If you haven’t yet, you can see pictures of the billboard here and here, and a video of it on the streets here.

It also got some coverage from a few SciFi blogs…


In one of the more innovative fan campaigns seen in recent years, they’ve got themselves a mobile “Bring Back The Sarah Connor Chronicles” billboard that they’re driving around Los Angeles to get some attention (which clearly worked, at least in our case). Presumably they make sure it frequently circles the Warner Brothers Studio lot, since WB produced the show.

SciFi Block:

Save the Sarah Connor Chronicles is a group of fans dedicated to the revival of the recently canceled Terminator TV spinoff, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The Billboard reads “No fate but what we make,” “Bring back the Sarah Connor Chronicles,” and “Take back the future.” This comes the day before the release of the series’ second, and supposedly final, season is released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Slice of SciFi:

As the second season of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” debuts on DVD and Blu Ray this week, a group of passionate fans want to see more of the show at some point in the future.

SciFi Scoop:

Fox canceled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles almost six months ago now, but fans have refused to give up. If you’re a fan of the show and haven’t added your weight to the various campaigns designed to convince Fox to overturn their decision, then let me suggest now’s the time to join the party.