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The freakin’ big push, is FREAKIN’ BIG news!

Every is taking notice in all the hard work that we’ve been doing. Check this link out over at Scifiwire.

Fans of Fox’s canceled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles haven’t given up trying to get some kind of continuation going for their show. It looks like they’ve temporarily abandoned the idea of finding a network to give the series a third season and instead are now pushing for a DVD movie.

In one of the more innovative fan campaigns seen in recent years, they’ve got themselves a mobile “Bring Back The Sarah Connor Chronicles” billboard that they’re driving around Los Angeles to get some attention (which clearly worked, at least in our case). Presumably they make sure it frequently circles the Warner Brothers Studio lot, since WB produced the show.

The truck is part of the well-orchestrated and nicely named “Freaking Big Push” the fans are staging in September and October, which coincides with the release of TSCC season two on DVD on Tuesday. If they can actually help, ahem, drive sales of the show on DVD, our guess is the studio might actually give them their DVD movie.

Here’s a video from Save the SCC of the billboard

Also check out some pictures of the billboard at SavetheScc’s Flickr

The Ever Awesome @HadleyK on Twitter mentioned the billboard in a post on his site right here

And the site Scifiblock also mentioned the billboard in an article here


The Billboard, DVD, and new podcast to come

So we’re back! and better than ever! Sorry about the long wait, but we are finally back! We will be releasing a podcast here within the next few days, so hope you guys are still listening. Well, here’s a little news from save the scc, in case you didn’t know……

The routing for the billboard has been finalized and sent to Atomic for the three day run next week. Don’t worry…we’ll have staff out on the street getting footage of it! And if you’re in the L.A. area, why not head out and see if you can catch it on the streets?

Route 1

This route will be driven on Mon 9/21 and Wed 9/23.
Target hours: 9am-5pm.

Studio’s driven by on this route are Universal, WARNER BROTHERS (and WB offices), NBC and Disney/ABC.

Route 2

This route will be driven on Tues 9/22.
Target hours: 11am-7pm

This takes the billboard through areas that TPTB will likely spend free time in the afternoon/evening, as well as heavily trafficked shopping, tourist areas. Also along this route are CBS, E!, Variety and CNN.

Also, the DVD will be coming out on Tuesday, September 22nd, so make sure (if you haven’t already pre-ordered your dvd) to hit the streets and buy buy buy! DVD sales are gonna be a huge part in catching the eye of the WB, so make sure to go out and support our favorite show!


Day 13 is Press Kit day!

Time to get those Press Releases out! you can contact local news stations and send them the press release mentioned below.

It’s Press Kit Day!

Time to start pushing our message out there, to grab media attention in time for the Season 2 DVD/Blu-Ray release, our mobile billboard and pre-movie advertising run.

We’ll be sending out kits (pictures later today) to the major networks and media sources, containing the following:

* press release
* stickers
* postcards
* show reviews
* DVD of fan campaign videos and trailers

So what do you have to do? Easy.

Just download our pre-written press release, personalize it a bit – especially the “location here” part! – and then send it off to your local media!

Who are YOU sending them to? Tell us here.


Taking the streets begins!

Check out this weeks campaign at the newly redesigned (and gorgeous)  Save the SCC site

If you haven’t, also check out the new sticker designs and order them before they disappear.

From the Save the SCC site:

Today starts off the “Taking the Streets” campaign!

It’s simple and it’s cheap. Plaster the streets of your city (town, village…hamlet…) with The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Spread the word to passersby and reach out to fans who might not know about the cancellation and our efforts to save it. There are more of them than you’d think!

So what does it involve?

Tearaway ads. You see them stuck to mailboxes, phone booths, streetlamps, their handy little pre-cut tabs with contact info waving in the wind. Now you’ll see them for Sarah Connor. Print off one of our pre-made ads – or make your own – and stick ‘em up!

Tearaway 1 | Tearaway 2

Mini-flyers and bookmarks. Same idea, slightly less adhesive. Print off a ton and leave them at check out counters – it helps to ask first – stick them in books, magazines, between DVDs, in front of pancake mix…

Flyer 1 | Flyer 2 | Bookmarks

Stickers! You all know about these. Self-adhesive and just as easy as the rest of the streets campaign. Peel ‘em and stick ‘em. Everywhere. Spread the word!

Order theme here.

AND: This is important. TAKE PICTURES. Show us where you’re stickering, plastering flyers, sticking bookmarks. It’s great motivation for fans who might be a little hesitant or shy about joining in and it’s always fun to see what everyone’s doing. Get your practice in, SCC fans. We’re going to be doing this for a while and we’ve got plans to make it even better in October…

In the meantime? Take those streets, SCC fans. Save Sarah Connor.


Special Edition Podcast

Our co-host Cinebo recently got the Sticker Queen Roxy Bisquaint on for a short interview about her time at DragonCon where she met Thomas Dekker and got an awesome video for the Save the SCC site.

From The Sarah Connor Commentaries site:

Roxy B, Thomas D, and Dragon-Con Goodness!!

This is a standard podcast (i.e not a commentary) that I did with the wonderful and talented Roxy Bisquaint. She recently visited Dragon-con and brought back some fun stories, which she was kind enough to let me pick her brain about!

If you don’t yet know who she is, you can follow her on twitter and do check out Terminator: The Sarah Connor Comicals of which she is the brilliant creator!

Also be sure to check out this Video From John Connor himself, Mr. Thomas Dekker, with a special message to all of us! Thank you Thomas! (obtained by Roxy B.)

Right-click then “save as” RoxyB, Dragon-con, and Thomas Dekker

or stream it here:


Postcards today!

Yesterday was Letter Day, today is Postcard day, If you wrote your letters yesterday and didn’t send them yet then get them out today with your postcards so we can flood the WB mailroom with support for TSCC. We want a big impact with this and all the Freaking Big Push missions so it’s important that we work together!

From Save the SCC

Even simpler than yesterday. Just print out one of our pre-made postcards – or make your own if you’re so inclined – write a message supporting the show on the back, stick a stamp on and drop it in the mailbox. Or, if you want to make it even easier, use an online mailing service like Click2Mail or Premium Postcard, where all you have to do it upload the postcard image you want, provide addresses, and they’ll handle the printing and mailing for you. It’s fairly cheap and an easy way to participate.

WB Contact Info | Postcards | Click2Mail

They’re shiny, they’re succinct, they’re ready to be sent. So get sending!

And if you’re really in the postcard mood, why not send a few touristy postcards from wherever you are to show the WB how widespread the fanbase is?


Thomas Dekker video

Have you seen it?! Tomas encouraging the FREAKING BIG PUSH!?

Check it out here!

Also this video near the end where Thomas again mentions Save the SCC

and here